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Agreement signing  methods  for  BEA China Personal Cyberbanking

   - Online                 - At branch

You may  select  any of  the following  methods to log in

   - Username              
   - Debit card number
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In order to ensure optimal performance, we recommend that you use Internet Explorer 9 or above.

Please avoid using the same, or similar, username and password combination as you use for other frequently-used software (e.g. social networking apps) or websites (e.g. social networking sites, forums). Remember to change your login password on a regular basis.

USB-Key software should be installed before using USB-Key on each computer.

SMS   10657-93811(China Mobile)   10655-021-93811(China Unicom) 10659-021-93811(China Telecom) 852-68224923(HK)

Customer Service Hotline   95382

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